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13:19   10-6-14

Seattle from David Kosmos Smith on Vimeo.

This is a time-lapse I shot during one of my trips to Seattle. I spent the previous week or two scouting locations online, so once I got there, I had a specific shot list to follow. The skies were a little cloudy at times, but I also got lucky with some nice weather and even had an amazing sunset one evening.

I had a blast exploring this amazing city, and many thanks to my friend Stevan for being my personal guide and for driving me around!

Shot with a Nikon D7000 and Tokina 11-16mm + Nikon 24-70mm
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Music: “Psychedelic Stereo” by Mimosa.
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19:51   10-2-14

NEW YORK : MANHATTAN : METROPOLIS from Fram Film | Natural Light on Vimeo.

This is a visual presentation of Manhattan and New York made by Fram Film | Natural Light. The film focuses on Manhattan and the two towers, Freedom Tower and the Empire State building. Representing the soul and the transformation of the original Metropolis. Footage filmed in March 2014 and a small part in February 2013.

We create visual presentations of cities, contact grim.berge@framfilm.no for new productions.

Produced by Fram Film | Natural Light.

Directed by Grim Berge.

naturallight.tv | framfilm.com

Helicopters operated by Helicopter Services Inc, New York heliny.com

Music by Hans Zimmer, from the movie The Dark Knight Rises.

For more information and how to travel to New York - nycgo.com

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Thom Yorke - A Brain In A Bottle from Scott Alexander on Vimeo.

a short music video feat. some dancing cats.

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Drag ha, Nicole

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